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Antonio Rusevski

Senior Designer

Antonio Rusevski grew up in the Republic of Macedonia, a landlocked country in southeastern Europe, bordered by Serbia to the north, Albania to the west, Greece to the south, and Bulgaria to the east. So it’s no surprise that he brings a phenomenal range of cultural influences to his work.

Antonio is that highly prized unicorn of the marketing world — he’s both a prolific producer of advertising ideas and an exceptionally skilled designer. His eloquent typography inspired a generation of young designers when it was featured in Type Rules! 2 — a book that world-renowned type designers and educators have proclaimed “a must-have” for students and professionals alike” and “a book that will prove its value time and again.”

Antonio also enjoys a reputation as somewhat of a human type library. His knowledge of type history is encyclopedic; he can identify type style at a glance (be it humanist, constructivist or Bauhaus); and his visual memory is virtually eidetic, allowing him to design in a given style without the need for reference materials.

Antonio’s career began in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, where he created posters, book covers, and package designs for Koma Studios. Equipped with natural talent and a true passion for the genre, Antonio shot rapidly through the ranks, and became the Art Director responsible for conceiving/creating covers and page layouts for two different weeklies. It was a high-profile role and his success brought Anters numerous design projects for well-known Macedonian pop-bands.

Initially self-taught, Antonio’s ambition led him to seek out the wide-open potential of California. He began formal design studies at the City College of San Francisco and earned degrees in graphic design and production. As soon as BSTRO started building out the design team, we called dibs on this international design genius. Since then, he has been involved with almost every significant project BSTRO has produced, thrilling clients with his elegant conceptual solutions, original designs, and lightning-fast execution.

Job I wanted as a child:

I wanted to be an astronaut as a child.  Today I’ve substituted that desire with scuba diving.

Favorite guilty pleasure:

My biggest indulgence is dark chocolate.  Can’t imagine living without it.

Friends describe you as:

Silly, loyal and down to earth.