Kevin Chan

VP Tech

He / Him

Words to live by

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Tools you couldn't live without

MBPR, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, AirPod Max.

Favorite essential reading,,, and

Favorite guilty pleasure

Menswear fashion on and

Kevin’s DNA seems to be able to translate caffeine into code. As a Senior Engineer and Mac aficionado Kevin brings a passion for cutting edge information technology and new media to every project he touches. He also understands great design and is intimate with back-end servers.

Kevin’s unique balance of technical and design skills, and his involvement in front-end consultation help to ensure that the platforms for our designs are user friendly and brilliantly executed. If you can think it, Kevin can program it into reality. We’ve yet to hear him say “it can’t be done.”

Having co-founded the creatively acclaimed, full-service new media company fix8 in 2002, Kevin is no stranger to success. His notable projects include design and programming for the YMCA, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and Vancouver Olympics, to name a few. His design experience includes: product packaging, posters, billboards, newspaper advertisements, draw coupons, carrying bags, mini flags, plus other forms of mass media promotions. The strength of Kevin’s campaigns comes from his ability to define clear intentions and carry these through into every detail.

His academic background is equally impressive. It includes Biochemistry and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia; Computer Programming at the CDI of Business and Technology (where he and Dave Shortt first met and collaborated) and recently, Professional Video Editing, which was also offered through the UBC campus.

Born in China, raised in Hong Kong and schooled in both Australia and Canada, Kevin has seen his fair share of the world. But from the moment he arrived in the beautiful city of Vancouver, in 1998, Kevin fell hopelessly in love. In short order, he planted roots, started a business and became an important part of the design community. But he still finds time to cut loose. Away from work, Kevin’s world consists of shopping, eating, playing with his dog Coco, shopping and then shopping some more. Hey, at least he’s consistent.

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