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Megan Heinzl


Megan is a developer, a constant learner, and an information sponge. Being homeschooled all the way from preschool to graduation, she was able to explore the world of web development as young as 9 years old, checking HTML books out from the library and experimenting at home.

Megan’s eagerness to learn and careful attention to detail have served her well in her career so far, and she applies these skills to her work at BSTRO, coding websites and emails for clients and ensuring that they look as beautiful as intended on any device.

After high school, a gap year, and a sprinkling of university, Megan decided Web Development was her calling. As an avid computer user from a young age, being able to understand and contribute to the development of the web has brought fulfillment and purpose.

Megan has a wide variety of interests, from biology to computers to music, and fills her free time with dog walks, video games, plant propagation, and insect breeding. Before working at BSTRO, she spent 3 years tending to animals and heavy lifting at a pet and aquarium store.

Tool you couldn’t live without

Wunderlist. It’s my favourite app because it allows me to keep track of all the little tasks that pop up in life without anything slipping through the cracks or the undue stress of thinking “What did I have to do today?”

Guilty pleasure

Eating massive quantities of unhealthy food on Friday night. There’s no better way to unwind!

Current obsession

Collecting rare and tiny orchids, discovering new music, and my dogs.