Megan Heinzl


She / Her

Words to live by

Do your best and be kind.

Tool you couldn’t live without

To-do lists. I can keep track of little tasks that pop up without anything slipping through the cracks or the undue pressure of having to remember it all.

Guilty pleasure

Eating massive quantities of unhealthy food on Friday night. There’s no better way to unwind!

Current obsession

Collecting rare and tiny orchids, discovering new music, and my dogs.

Megan is a developer-extraordinaire. Perhaps her ability to improve intricate lines of code, quickly utilize a wide array of coding languages, and ensure sites flawlessly live and breathe online, comes from her early start to coding.

Megan was just nine years old when she first started experimenting with the HTML that allowed her to change the colors and styles of fonts and banners on the primitive internet. She was immediately charmed by the magic that awaited her fingertips at the keyboard. Like a book begging to be read, coding was calling her name.

Years later, Megan still finds excitement and satisfaction in building websites, applications, and email templates that function seamlessly, present beautifully, and receive resounding praise from colleagues and clients alike. Building anything takes patience, resilience, and a detail-oriented mind, which are all skills Megan has honed. When inspiration is needed for her more creatively-demanding tasks, she finds it helpful to pause, spend some time in nature, and allow her mind to recharge.

You see, Megan climbs metaphorical mountains at BSTRO and physical ones in real life. It was spending time in the woods that led her to unearth an interesting connection; just as every organism in a forest helps prosper a breathtaking ecosystem, each string of code helps build an intrinsically elegant website.

When Megan is not in the mountains, at a chillwave concert, or traveling with her partner and dogs down the PNW coast, you’ll find her propagating stunning tropical foliage that will give the plants at any top-notch aquarium a run for their money.

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