Larissa Mackie

Project Manager

She / Her

Words to live by

Be so focused on watering your own grass that you don’t have time to check if someone else’s is greener.

Guilty pleasure

Reality TV

Best advice

Which do you want, the pain of staying where you are, or the pain of growth?

Current obsession

True crime podcasts and documentaries

Larissa is a creative with a marketing mindset, an eye for cultural trends and passionate about the design world.

Larissa started her career in the fashion industry, these years formed the base of her knowledge and passion for design, branding & social media presence. Starting her own agency in her 20’s she self taught herself graphic design & photography. At BSTRO, Larissa manages everything social media related for her clients, making sure content looks the absolute best before it gets posted for the world to see.

When she’s not managing everything social media related, you can find Larissa taking long walks with her Mexican rescue dog Roo, snowboarding, kickboxing, or trying her hand at pottery, and jewelry beading.

We’re here to help you look better, sound better, and sell more.