Better by design

BSTRO is the ‘big-enough-to-make-things-happen’ digital agency that stays small enough to move faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

That’s why you’ll find us saying yes to most reasonable requests, embracing your challenges, rising to every occasion, and leaning into solutions that drive your success. When we collaborate, you receive our commitment to excellence along with a genuine human touch. Our approach extends beyond delivering exceptional results; we do everything in our power to ensure that working together brightens a part of your day and allows you to profit from our creativity.

We’re women-owned, women-led.

We know how to #getshitdone and make the most of budgets and opportunities. (we’re also WEC-certified, LBGTQ-owned, and a Green Agency)

Design is universal; so are we.

Our Vancouver-based team hails from 8 different countries and speaks 10 native languages. We live with a global perspective and a deep understanding of how to communicate beyond words and borders.

99% of our work comes from referrals.

Venture Capital companies along with many satisfied clients have put their reputations behind ours. We don’t take that lightly and do everything in our power to honor their endorsement.

Yes is our favorite word.

But we only say it to problems we confidently solve. No one benefits from an agency that overpromises and underdelivers. So when we say yes, we mean it. It’s a commitment to you and a celebration of shared success. YES!!! We’re here for it.

We’ve supported more than 25 nonprofits.

Giving back is part of our DNA and makes us and our communities stronger.

Our team

We’ve built a team that delivers excellence not only because of our collective experience, training, and talent — but also because of our differences. Our team (made up of designers, website developers, social media strategists, and email marketing and branding experts, to name just a few) comes from 8 different countries and speaks 10 languages. We know nothing new ever comes from a group that can sit around finishing each other’s sentences, so we are consciously (and continuously) building teams that challenge each other’s thinking, along with the status quo.

We push ourselves to learn what is unfamiliar, to develop visual languages, and to create marketing programs that hit on universal truths.

Our collective differences make our work that much stronger, as we inspire each other to think bigger, better, and bolder for our clients. Every single day.

Headshot Image of Jill Tracy

Jill Tracy

Founder, CEO and CCO

Headshot Image of Lisa Schaffer

Lisa Schaffer

Vice President of Client Success

Headshot Image of Melinda Phillips Zumski

Melinda Phillips Zumski

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot Image of Kevin chan

Kevin chan

VP Technology

Headshot Image of Talia Wiebe

Talia Wiebe

Senior Director of Content Marketing

Headshot Image of Mackenzie Dunham

Mackenzie Dunham

Project Manager

Headshot Image of Kim Alvarez

Kim Alvarez

Full-Stack Developer

Headshot Image of Megan Heinzl

Megan Heinzl


Headshot Image of Katrina Martin

Katrina Martin

Content Strategist

Headshot Image of Eddie Burke

Eddie Burke


Headshot Image of Livia Bandeira

Livia Bandeira


Headshot Image of Ceylan Studer

Ceylan Studer

Project Manager

Headshot Image of Larissa Mackie

Larissa Mackie

Project Manager

Headshot Image of Vince Casilla

Vince Casilla


“I hadn’t thought of it like that…” is our favorite place to start.

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