Katrina Martin

Content Strategist

She / Her

Words to live by

Better scared than never

Favorite essential readings

The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison & Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Tool you couldn’t live without

Amazon Prime! (I buy everything from clothes to shampoo)

Job you wanted as a child

Gas station attendant or bear catcher

Katrina is a brilliant strategist and word-wizard who believes that stringing together syllables in the perfect sequence is as close to magic as you get. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in English Literature and has been using her words and analytical mind to help BSTRO clients stay relevant ever since.

Katrina has been a storyteller ever since she was 10 when she wrote a story that was so shocking and melodramatic that her mother grounded her. Sitting in her bedroom, Katrina began to understand the power of words, and since then has been obsessed with harnessing their magic. Today, she is passionate about helping companies develop their brand voice and tone, and using words that work to attract, engage, and convince your target audience throughout their customer journey. The cornerstones of Katrina’s process are simplicity and sincerity, and she always follows her father’s wisdom—“don’t say what you don’t mean.”

Katrina’s favorite place is outside her comfort zone, whether that means moving to Thailand to teach English, or jumping in ice-cold water whenever she gets the chance. When she’s not furiously typing, Katrina can be found poring over poetry in a cozy coffee shop, climbing mountains, pumping iron at the gym, or taking up yet another hobby (right now it’s crafting homemade jewelry).

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