Vince Casilla


He / Him

Words to live by

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Job you wanted as a child

Marine Biologist

Tools you can't live without

Google Maps & Notion

Current obsession

My Air-fryer – I enjoy cooking but I don’t have the patience for long cook times.

Vince is a web developer who is passionate about combining the best of his creative and technical skills. In his role at BSTRO, Vince helps clients achieve their vision by creating seamless web experiences using new technologies.

Before pursuing his calling in front-end web development, Vince completed a Nursing diploma where he specialized in Acute Medicine. During this time, he helped a range of patients manage their care and treatments. Just as nursing takes patience, understanding, and adaptability, so does building websites.

This caring nature and fascination with problem-solving for patients ultimately inspired curiosity for how much further he could satisfy his creative side in digital technology and development.

Vince is someone who appreciates the little things. Growing up in the Filipino countryside, he learnt to never take a moment for granted. This mindset has seamlessly carried him into his present day life, whether he is cruising along the seawall on his longboard or jamming on the acoustic guitar. When he’s not coding away, you’ll find Vince first in line at new food stops in Vancouver, at the gym, at home whipping up some mixtapes, or sulking over his crumbling stocks.

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