Livia Bandeira


She / Her

Words to live by

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Current obsession

Daily walks, but I don’t know how it is going to be in the wintertime.

Guilty pleasure

French Vanilla Coffee, but it is too sweet for a diabetic.

Job you wanted as a child

Actress, but I couldn’t pull it off for being too shy.

Livia doesn’t just imagine things; she makes them happen. When the urge to become a graphic designer crystalized in her mind, Livia dedicated herself to learning the tools and techniques of the trade, expanding her base of knowledge, and maximizing every aspect of the career she loves.

Livia manifests her destiny now as a high-flying, world-class designer with a post-degree in web and mobile app design in Canada, rather than her native Brazil. Livia now makes her home in Vancouver with her two dogs, rounding out BSTRO’s cadre of elite web designers.

Her extensive experience, dedication, and education make Livia an effective and efficient marketer—the strength of her creativity and her success rate in bringing her imagination to life make her a joy to work with for both clients and colleagues. Livia spends her time enjoying the life she’s built and roaming the city she now calls home with dogs in tow, spreading the good word that the unknown isn’t to be feared, but embraced.

Years later, Megan still finds excitement and satisfaction in building websites, applications, and email templates that function seamlessly, present beautifully, and receive resounding praise from colleagues and clients alike. Building anything takes patience, resilience, and a detail-oriented mind, which are all skills Megan has honed. When inspiration is needed for her more creatively-demanding tasks, she finds it helpful to pause, spend some time in nature, and allow her mind to recharge.

You see, Megan climbs metaphorical mountains at BSTRO and physical ones in real life. It was spending time in the woods that led her to unearth an interesting connection; just as every organism in a forest helps prosper a breathtaking ecosystem, each string of code helps build an intrinsically elegant website.

When Megan is not in the mountains, at a chillwave concert, or traveling with her partner and dogs down the PNW coast, you’ll find her propagating stunning tropical foliage that will give the plants at any top-notch aquarium a run for their money.

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