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What’s it like to partner with BSTRO? We’ll show you. There are no secrets or closed doors in our process – our team is ready to answer your questions and share the insights that drive our creative processes and decisions. At every opportunity, we make our clients look better, sound better, and sell more.

Becoming 'the gold standard' for a new generation of shoppers.

We strategically crafted Solgar’s narrative and visual identity as the gold standard for quality, dependable information, and effective solutions. This, coupled with a content strategy focused on informative and educational content, resulted in increased trust, audience engagement, website traffic, and sales year over year—all achieved without heavily relying on paid advertising.

Attracting larger audiences with effective content

BSTRO's Marketing Discovery identified opportunities to engage new audiences through compelling educational content, using organic social media, informative email marketing, and optimized web content. This approach led to increased brand trust and ultimately drove sales.

"What sets BSTRO apart is that their work not only looked impressive on paper but also translated into meaningful sales and a shift in public perception of our brand."

Abhay Patel
General Manager, Natural Products Group, The Bountiful Company

Rebranding a disruptive science start-up: a symphony of science and heavy metal

This forward-thinking group of biologists was pioneering groundbreaking advancements in genome sequencing, drawing inspiration from death metal along the way. BSTRO played a pivotal role in crafting a brand that encapsulated their audacious vision, establishing them as a fresh, disruptive influence in a traditionally conservative sector.

Turning a intricate scientific overview into a captivating presentation deck.

Through the creation of dynamic visuals and clear, stylish illustrations, we enabled the founders to confidently communicate their vision to potential investors and partners, providing a powerful presentation.

"The BSTRO team came in to revamp our materials and our entire brand on short notice and absolutely dominated the task."

Ryan Clarke
CRISPR biochemistry, SyntaxBio

Enabling the smooth launch for a ground-breaking AgTech innovator

This startup, making the most significant agricultural advancements since tractors replaced the horse and plow, faced two significant marketing challenges: creating a new language to talk about their innovative products, and determining where to focus their efforts to obtain concrete outcomes. BSTRO skillfully addressed both challenges, contributing to a successful launch.

Targeted messages and prominent branding helped reach targeted audiences, resulting in a fourfold increase in orders.

BSTRO collaborated closely with the founders to help craft their story into clear, concise, and repeatable messages and determine the most effective marketing strategies to achieve quick success in meetings, orders, and overall impact.

Bolstering Sabanto's market presence and heightening awareness among their target audiences.

The brand's messaging not only garnered media attention but also cemented Sabanto's position as a pioneering force in the autonomous farming sector. The ongoing partnership with BSTRO provides Sabanto with a dependable source of consistent and professional marketing support, enabling them to adapt strategies and maintain a competitive edge within their industry.

Giving a tech startup an outstanding online presence, without taking their team’s focus away from product development.

This dynamic tech startup had two paramount objectives: maximizing their time and maintaining impeccable quality in all their public-facing materials, from website to conference landing pages. Tecton has relied on BSTRO to maintain its online presence since 2019.

Boosting efficiency year-over-year

With a relentless focus on optimization, workflow enhancements, and the implementation of best practices, we've significantly boosted efficiency. Our efforts have led to a remarkable 35% year-over-year increase in output, mirroring Tecton's impressive business growth trajectory.

Launching an Amazon brand store

We overhauled the brand's Amazon presence, incorporating a brand store, enhanced content, and captivating gallery images to effectively highlight product value, provide compelling reasons to believe, and engage new audiences. The refined content simplifies intricate product details, ensuring clarity on the brand's value proposition for customers.

Streamlining a path to purchase

We optimized product pages and store architecture, positioning Elixir Strings as the top choice in guitar strings. Our collaboration resulted in a 3:1 ROI within the first year, and the journey continues as we strive to achieve even greater success together.

"Bstro is not only a great external vendor but really one that becomes a natural extension of the team."

Sharon Hunter
Global Marketing Communications Lead, Elixir Strings at W. L. Gore 

Driving value with brand design

The logo we designed in 2014 remains a prized asset as Eaze has attracted over $200 million in funding from 17 prominent investors, facilitating its expansion to serve 80% of California and parts of Michigan. Crafting unique visual assets for the website, mobile app, and packaging, we transformed the brand into a professional and sophisticated experience.

“Wow! I wanted the company to look good; I just didn’t imagine it would be this impressive out of the gate. We’re blown away by the quality of the exploration and the end result. I’m so excited to show our new company to the world!”

Keith McCarty
Founder, Eaze

Enabling exponential growth through focused and disciplined marketing

For a targeted pivot BSTRO refined messaging, executed a focused content strategy, and launched a website. Our scalable design system optimized resources for greater impact. Consistent LinkedIn posts, trade show presence, and video tutorials showcased industry expertise, building trust and securing substantial funding and customers.

“Thank you, Jill and BSTRO. We would not be in the position we are today if it wasn’t for your team helping us get set up to scale.”

Joseph Landes
CRO, Nerdio

Attracting new customers with a fresh design

This iconic neighborhood restaurant, once facing declining customers, enlisted BSTRO to revitalize its image. Infusing fresh design and personality, Mary's transformed into a lively, inviting, and vibrant destination—a familiar old friend with a fabulous new look. The revitalization attracted enthusiastic support from locals and entices tourists year-round.

"BSTRO developed a brand that we love, our customers respond to, and the community engages with. They’re a key partner, and we won’t hesitate to work with them again.”

– Astrid O. Lalonde
Director of Marketing & Mary-in-Chief

Shifting a brand from a commodity sale to a value proposition

BSTRO guided this established player to develop innovative ways of reaching a new generation of business owners. Through a full redesign Poster Compliance Center’s brand, messaging, and website, and the implementation of a content marketing program, we effectively communicated the value of their services, setting itself apart from an industry merely focused on the price of their products.

Creating a branded experience that puts customers first

Today, Poster Compliance.com is an intuitive web experience that reflects who Poster Compliance really is: professional, highly considerate, and a company that truly cares about its customers. In the first year after our marketing efforts were launched, they have reported 29% lift in year-over-year online sales.

Setting up a DTC brand to operate efficiently

We helped this first time founder bring her vision to life by establishing a design system and the operational infrastructure that enabled efficient online ordering, inventory tracking, transactions, and the communications to customers to ensure their satisfaction every step of the way.

Fresh Look, Seamless Setup

In a comprehensive rebrand, we revamped the logo, packaging, website, and established an efficient inventory system.  Going beyond aesthetics, we optimized for conversion, promotion, and advertising, creating a finely tuned setup essential for a new business.

Boosting sales by optimizing Amazon

Listerine's success in traditional retail didn't guarantee a seamless transition to Amazon. BSTRO designed and setup Listerine's inaugural Amazon store, simplifying the customer journey with a seamless "add to cart" experience. Our approach distinguished their products from competitors by spotlighting the brand's strength and the unparalleled efficacy of its offerings.

Narrative-Driven Design Aligns Campaigns

The Amazon store redesign was aligned with broader campaigns, making online and advertising initiatives cohesive. The success of the 21-day challenge for improved oral hygiene seamlessly extended into larger campaigns, elevating the overall presence across diverse promotional channels.

Launching a benefit-driven website to capitalize on a pivotal PR moment.

With limited time, this burgeoning business needed a website that could quickly and effectively communicate the potential of the Charthop tech platform and wow potential investors.

Dynamic infographics spark interest and generate leads.

User-friendly and intuitive infographics served as a streamlined gateway to capture leads effortlessly. The website seamlessly delivered on the company's software promise, providing an accessible and straightforward user experience that aligns with our dedication to simplicity and effectiveness.

We’re here to help you look better, sound better, and sell more.