Melinda Phillips Zumski

Chief Financial Officer

SHe / Her

Words to live by

Be your best self!

Guilty Pleasure

Port… preferably tawny port… 10 years old is fine, but 20 years old is even better

Job you wanted as a child

A lawyer! I had a whole Perry Mason dream going on there for quite a while…

Current Obsession

Asana! It’s a task management tool that I am finding all kinds of ways to use to make tracking all the agendas, details and projects so much better!

Melinda is a pragmatist. If it’s practical, she loves it. Melinda learned to speak the language of numbers and business finance early on and has excelled at applying that language to help BSTRO realize its potential. “Numbers without context are meaningless” is her motivating philosophy, and she seeks to unearth the poetry of the numbers tailored to each and every situation. Mastering the numbers is a necessary and powerful business tool. Melinda makes the numbers fun – just watch her light up at the very mention of budgets and projections!

A veteran of all things finance, bookkeeping, and accounting, and an avid early adopter of cloud integration and marketing technology, Melinda keeps BSTRO grounded in financial fundamentals and ahead of fintech trends.

Previously, Melinda combined her deep, practical experience with a strong theoretical background, completing a Master of Science of Business Administration from S.F. State University with an emphasis on Business Analysis. She believes that her greatest strength is her ability to listen to the needs of business owners and provide common sense, practical approaches to their challenges. Her sense of humor helps too.

Melinda’s broad view on business is a direct result of her varied background. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Union College in Albany, NY, double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Upon graduation, she received a fellowship and pursued a 15-month independent study of Latin American political and street theater, traveling to Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

In her spare time, Melinda enjoys laughing with friends and family and can often be found cheering enthusiastically for a variety of sport teams (but is always practical about their probability of winning).

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