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Quantify your efforts with a marketing audit

Whether you’re redesigning your marketing programs or just looking for outside perspective and expert recommendations, we provide marketing program audits as a service to our clients.

Our marketing audits are a comprehensive and systematic examination of your marketing efforts. During this in-depth process, we dive deep into your company’s marketing processes, systems, and environmental factors affecting your business, and determine your ideal buyer personas. This evaluation will provide you with actionable recommendations to improve your marketing processes and increase your return on marketing investment.

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We Know Your Business

We take the time to know and understand what you do and how you do it. We identify your target personas, their pain points, and how your business resolves that pain. Our thorough business environment analysis will provide insight on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Pinpoint Gaps and Identify Opportunities

We’ll poke holes in your existing program to reveal the opportunities. Our gap analysis deliverable not only highlights areas for improvement on the current strategy, but also unveils our entire plan for building your world-class marketing program.

We believe that disclosing our marketing plan builds trust and creates a transparent relationship with our clients. This trust and transparency allows us to communicate openly with our clients, and better collaborate on creative and strategic initiatives. Our marketing audit will help you quantify your marketing program opportunities.

  • Business Landscape
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Systems and Infrastructure Review
  • Market Positioning
  • Channel Performance Assessment
  • Baseline and Benchmark Metrics
  • Paid Digital Marketing
  • Persona Analysis
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy Review
  • Social Credibility Analysis
  • Brand and Design Analysis
  • Buyer’s Journey Mapping
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Lead Lifecycle Analysis

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