Technology is changing at sometimes alarming rates; here’s how we keep up

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View from Bernal Heights
View from Bernal Heights

This April, BSTRO celebrates our 18th year in business.

We could make a joke about the business finally being an “adult,” but honestly it feels a little juvenile.

Googled “18th anniversary” out of curiosity and found out it’s the porcelain anniversary. (Does anyone actually give traditional gifts this way?) But that actually got me thinking…

Porcelain is special because it’s both beautiful and durable. It’s associated with fine tableware, chintzy expensive figurines, and the humble toilet, which seems fitting for the 18th anniversary, because by now — whether in a business or a relationship — you’ve seen some… stuff.

Sharon, Antonio, Jill and Harper

We have 18 years of successes and lessons to look back on, not to mention the evolution of the internet and the stories we use it to tell.

Technology has changed… a lot.

When BSTRO first got started, Facebook had just been launched, Skype and VoIP calling were just getting started, and we were all rocking our flip phones. (Feeling old yet?)

Facebook in 2004To say things have changed in the past 18 years would be an understatement.

Philosophers and mathematicians call it the phenomenon of Accelerating Change: each technological advancement makes the next happen faster.

There are more than 1.6 billion websites on the internet.

Nasdaq estimates that by 2040, 95 percent of all purchases will be made online.

Ninety percent of the data ever generated by humankind has been generated in just the last few years.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the new technologies we worked with early in our history are already obsolete. And today’s clients are already asking about tomorrow’s trends.

We’ve changed with it — but not what matters most.

All this change means we have had to be smart and nimble in order to provide our clients with the best strategies and creative solutions that are not just on-trend but out there leading and innovating.

For us, that has meant ensuring we have not just the best talent, but a diversity of talent as well. We deliberately seek out perspectives different from our own.

bstro vancouver

What makes us special is like that porcelain anniversary gift: we’re not just pretty to look at, we’re durable and useful, strong and resilient, and the perfect solution for all sorts of challenges.

Our origin story starts around a kitchen table

We’ve probably told that story a thousand times in the past 18 years, but it remains relevant. What started as conversations around a kitchen table has certainly grown in scope, but we haven’t outgrown those kitchen table values.

It’s all about the power of people.

The deliciously diverse cast of creatives we’ve assembled who bring their personal perspectives to the table to provide BSTRO a global perspective.

Jill with Bstro cupThe partnerships we develop with our clients enable us to get to the heart of their story and find the best ways to share it — regardless of the medium or changes in technology.

And our work is all about touching people, moving people, finding that universal thread that has people from vastly different backgrounds all nodding their heads in agreement.

And thankfully, no matter what technology has in store for us next, that part will never change.

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