Talia Wiebe

Senior Director of Content Marketing

SHe / Her

Words to live by

I don’t shine if you don’t shine.

Current obsession

The comic Strange Planet by Nathan W Pyle

Tool you couldn’t live without

My Vitamix blender – Smoothies are life

Guilty Pleasure

Records. (Yes, music does sound better on vinyl.)

Talia is a titan of marketing and communications. Name a digital marketing tactic, tool, or channel, and the odds are good that she’s already read every article on the subject and mastered its use. As the leader of BSTRO’s Content Marketing team, Talia flexes her impressive analytics skills to maximize eCommerce excellence for the brands she works with. She’s in her zone when she’s strategizing conversion funnels, digging for truths inside trends, and devouring data to uncover insights.

Talia has earned (and crushed) her opportunities to shine through a relentless work ethic and a curious mind. Early in her career as an in-house marketer, she was tasked with spearheading the entire omnichannel digital marketing strategy from scratch. Fortuitously, she hired BSTRO to assist. After enjoying that program’s runaway success, BSTRO was thrilled to welcome her into our agency life when she was looking for new challenges.

Talia brings a wealth of experience and a bevy of professional-grade certifications to BSTRO – including data analysis – and an entrepreneur’s drive stemming from her years as a Pilates instructor. While she thrives in eCommerce, CRM marketing, social media, and building health & wellness brands, Talia’s marketing fundamentals serve all her client’s content needs.

Outside the office, you’ll probably find Talia at a record store spending too much money, taking a Pilates class, listening to a new podcast (send her your recommendations!), or taking photos with a camera in hand.

We’re here to help you look better, sound better, and sell more.