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Today, Illumio is known as a pioneer in micro-segmentation. It’s recently been named part of Forbes’ Cloud 100 list of top private cloud companies, as well as the CNBC Disruptor 50 list. But before everyone was talking about Illumio, they were working with BSTRO on a new website and targeted marketing campaign to help them stand out in a crowded cyber security marketplace.

From stealth mode to immersive education.

When they were still in stealth mode, Illumio approached BSTRO for a website, a key component of their launch. This website needed to educate prospective IT decision-makers, assuage concerns about risk, and drive excitement. Using immersive patterns and textures to showcase Illumio’s radical new product offering, the website we created educates potential customers on how Illumio works, revealing real-time data and application traffic that’s normally invisible.

Informative and intuitive design.

Our content plan, UI and UX design were designed to be informative, intuitive and to provide a refreshing user experience — all while achieving Illumio’s business and functional requirements. The infographics we created simplify complex security concepts without neglecting the technical “meat” that persuades IT directors and Chief Security Officers. Meanwhile, our custom imagery adds a human dimension to the site, providing context for the product-based content. A consistent, monochromatic image style helps anchor and unify the visual design.

Targeted marketing for cyber security insiders.

To maximize the impact of Illumio’s launch, we leveraged the RSA Network Security Conference in San Francisco to create a targeted marketing campaign aimed at capturing attention and driving both website and conference booth visits — building brand awareness and converting engagement into sales.

To do this, we developed and managed an awareness campaign that covered taxi tops, billboards, and transit shelters throughout the city. Through arresting colors, bold, non-technical imagery and engaging copy, the campaign was a dynamic counterpart (and traffic driver) to the new website.

Taking the security world by storm.

With glowing coverage in the press, $267.5 million in funding — including heavyweights like J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Andreessen Horowitz, Microsoft Chairman John W. Thompson, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff — it’s safe to say that Illumio is taking the security world by storm.

BSTRO is proud to have helped launch this innovative new company, and we’re enthusiastic about continuing to support Illumio’s digital marketing efforts as they reinvent and redefine micro-segmentation.

BSTRO has consistently brought their energy, excitement and expertise to our projects. I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone could have done it better! I continue to look forward to what we can develop next with BSTRO’s talent and innovation.

– Wendy Yale, Vice President of Marketing, Illumio



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