B’stro’s Design and Marketing Receives Award for Excellence

May 29, 2014

Think global, shop local. It’s a phrase that seems to be almost overused now but there’s no getting away from it. People in cities all across North America are embracing an almost old fashioned, romantic era of forming personal relationships with their providers, from their butcher to their grocer. This increased interest in “food transparency” is morphing into a larger (and more encouraging) trend of people maintaining the character and lifeblood of the city by supporting and promoting local businesses and the communities they serve.

With offices in both Vancouver and San Francisco, we see the strong sense of community and pride on a daily basis as we commute to work. As a result, forging client partnerships with local organizations that best represent our values and place of business have an extra special place in our heart. That’s why we were so excited to get to work with the West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA) these past two years to rebrand Vancouver’s West End and help stimulate local business.

For our work with WEBIA to be recognized at the 2014 Annual BIABC Conference last month is an honor and a testament to the hard work by all the people involved, including our partner Nixey Communications. West End BIA executive director, Stephen Regan, was on hand to accept the Award for Excellence in Marketing for the rebranding campaign and the Award for Excellence in Special Events for the Shine, Shop & Dine program.

The West End Business Improvement Association serves to make the West End a better place to shop, visit and do business. It was great to have a hand in telling their story and sharing their vision.