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Video is the ultimate storytelling tool

Your customers are hungry for video content, consuming over 100 million hours of video every day on Facebook alone. Developing and producing high-quality videos for websites, ads, and social media is a challenging, technical process that our experienced production team is passionate about perfecting. We help brands with every step of the process, from concept to completion, so you can tap into this exciting – and profitable – medium. Ready to get things rolling? Request a consultation.

Video marketing has stellar ROI

Video marketers have grown revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers. And over 51% of professional marketers report that video is the type of content with the best ROI. With such impressive statistics, video marketing provides a tremendous opportunity to reach your audience.

Through video you can teach customers how to use your product, share tips, feature expert interviews, build a community, and invite your audience behind the scenes to see the human side of your business. Viewers are 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content than on blogs or social media posts. This is the kind of engagement we want to achieve for our clients.

Leap to the top of search results

Video is a must-have for your SEO efforts, because Google displays YouTube videos above standard articles and websites in search results. We help businesses utilize tagging and optimization as part of a smart video marketing strategy, to increase reach and improve search ranking.

Our video production services include every aspect of video production, from helping define what story is most important to tell, to video concept development, scriptwriting, production, editing, sound editing, and creating motion graphics or any supporting design elements. If you need help with social media marketing, ad campaigns, or analytics reporting for your videos, we do that too.

  • Concept Development
  • Scriptwriting & storyboarding
  • Casting & talent coordination
  • Live action, on location production
  • In studio production
  • Post production coordination
  • Story, sound & video editing
  • Motion graphics design and animation

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I thank you for your work on the video this year used at the Red Ribbon Breakfast. Once again you guys did a great job – always impressed by your creativity, professionalism and commitment to community!

Zoran Stjepanovic, Coordinator of Fundraising Appeals, Positive Living BC




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