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Your customers are carrying around powerful computers in their back pockets – and you can take advantage of that. The reason we’ve all heard “there’s an app for that” is because 80% of Internet users own a smartphone – and we’re spending 89% of our mobile time on apps compared to just 11% on websites.

BSTRO’s Vancouver app developers know that apps are an undeniably fierce marketing tool, granting brands the ability to become indispensable by being there for their customers everywhere they go. Apps can educate and entertain, and when app development and design are done right, they can make life a whole lot easier.

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Give them what they want, when they want it

We stand firmly behind the first and most important rule in app development for digital marketing: don’t build an app just for the sake of building an app. If your brand is releasing an app into the world, it must serve a clear purpose that supports and integrates with your business goals, while providing something your audience wants.

With over one million apps available, your customers have choices — and a useless app is just as bad as a buggy app, according to user stats:

  • 25% of installed apps are never used
  • 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use

We help our clients work through mobile app strategy, to ensure that the app concept is smart from the get-go and will be something their customers will want to download. We consider factors like what type of app is being created, where the app will be marketed, and for which platform the app is being built. We understand the nuances of choosing the right framework and technology to build the app, and can help our clients make the right choice for their product. 

Building a powerful portable customer experience

The little details are what can make or break a user’s app experience. Confusing UX, bugs, poorly written copy, and low-quality visuals are common complaints on app reviews. From initial concepts and user flow planning to fine-tuning through user testing and focus groups, we put customer experience first.

Our developers build engaging experiences – and we have the results to prove it! Using the latest technology and innovative methods, we’ve created top-downloaded and top-rated apps for clients.

  • User experience design
  • User testing
  • Cross-platform development

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BSTRO is one of my go-to agencies… They ask the right questions, and they just get it.

Cheryl Singletary, Creative Director, Roku






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We created and tested an app to help young adults cope with unique anxiety challenges, anywhere, any time.

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