Responsive Design: View the Web Purrrfectly on Multiple Devices

July 19, 2012

Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA  The way we view the web has changed. Mobile devices, tablets and different screen sizes have fundamentally shifted how we experience websites. Isn’t it time these websites shifted to meet our devices? That’s where responsive web design comes in. Responsive websites resize and reshape themselves based on what size of screen they’re viewed on – the new wave of web design is all about creating websites that… well, they behave like cats.

Interactive marketing and branding agency BSTRO today launched to demonstrate how responsive design can make the web purrrfectly transferable across multiple devices (plus, who doesn’t love a website about cats?).  

“Cats are wonderful creatures; they are so elegant and dynamic,” explained Jill Tracy, President and Chief Creative Officer at BSTRO. “They have the ability to adapt to fit their surroundings. At the heart of it, creating great online experiences is really all about building websites to behave more like cats: adaptable, easy to interact with, low maintenance, and easy to find.” 

Responsive web design delivers a customized viewing experience regardless of the size of the screen, eliminating the need to zoom in on smartphone devices; pages automatically adapt themselves to the screen size. Responsive design also improves search engine optimization (SEO) by eliminating the need for mobile sites – one website, one search result.

BSTRO has designed responsive websites for organizations like Apples and OnionsCriterion Residences, and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

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