Quarant-memes: Memes for the Socially Distant

March 23, 2020

Welcome to the Quarantine Memes: your break from just how dang serious everything got all of a sudden. They say laughter is the best medicine! They’re wrong, in this case, but still. Enjoy.

Day… what day are we on again?

Tom Hanks had Wilson. Everyone else is finding their own coping mechanisms. Don’t ask about ours.

Old world, new memes

Sayings, sauces, and sasquatches – everything’s getting the quarantine meme treatment. 




Working From Home or Hardly Working?

We’ve all got new coworkers, new processes, and new offices. Plus some things we didn’t expect.




Miscellaneous Memes

Talking dogs? Labrador yoga? Here’s a sampling of some that made us laugh this week.




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