The Gifts (and GIFs) that Brightened Our 2016

December 13, 2016

Happy Holidays! We’re so glad that it’s almost a new year.

Rather than try to make sense of 2016, the BSTRO team decided to celebrate the ridiculous digital things that brought us lighthearted laughs this year, and gave us the strength to keep checking our newsfeeds.

The cat videos. The Snapchat selfies. The laughing babies and Pinterest fails and that YouTube mom who just really loved her kid’s Star Wars toy… it’s all here, in this holiday video from us to you.

Of course, not all of our favorite things could make it into the video (because not all of them could be worked into rhyme!).

Here are some of the other newsfeed gifts that brought us joy this year.

1. Snapchat


This year, Snapchat was my salvation. Being able to keep up with my people — in 10 seconds or less — and share pictures and experiences; it’s almost like being there, even though we are all so far away. Targeted Geofilters? AMAZING!
– Taylor Stokes, Assistant Account Executive

Download Snapchat

2. Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go was a highlight for me, ‘cos I like collecting stuff. Gotta catch them all!
– Kevin Chan, VP of Technology

Go catch ’em all!

3. RunPee


My favorite new app this year? RunPee. It’s innovation at its finest. Pure genius.
– Molly Carr, Designer

RunPee App

4. Everyframeapainting on YouTube


I love movies, and Everyframeapainting is a super short and entertaining channel with a lot of effort put into it. You learn really awesome things about the tremendous talent and work involved in the nuances of visual storytelling.
– Carolyn Phoenix, Senior Account Executive

Everyframeapainting on YouTube

5. The Dodo


When I can’t handle any more current events news, I love heartwarming animal videos. I don’t know why, because they usually make me cry. But mostly happy tears! Animals don’t discriminate based on race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. Seeing the sweet videos gives me hope for the world. 
– Lana Olmer, Account Executive

Visit The Dodo

6. Clever Instagram accounts


Clever Instas never fail to make me smile. @deliciouslystella (it’s all about the text/hashtags), @alfreddrinkingcoffee, @wrightkitchen, @lego_starwars_et. The one that I always recommend is @socalitybarbie, because it’s like, so authentic and meaningful and stuff.
– Pam Berg, Content Marketing Specialist

Go follow: Deliciouslystella

7. Popurls


Popurls is an aggregator of so many sites (from reddit to NYTimes), and their popular/new posts are on a single page. It’s like an everything bagel.
– Antonio Rusevski, Creative Director

8. UX Reactions


UX Reactions was a digital highlight for me. Too real.
– Damian Jolley, Designer

UX Reactions

9. J.A.W. Cooper


This year I was just in love with this artist. I check her page all the time. She doesn’t need to be good at the hashtag game… sometimes no hashtags. She’s a baller.
– Natalie O’Brien, Designer

J.A.W. Cooper

10. Eating corn gone wrong!


This GIF is so tragic, but I just can’t look away. She even posted a follow up.
– Kim Alvarez, Web Developer

You’ve been warned: Eating corn gone wrong! 

11. Cute chameleon pics


This year I was forever looking at cute chameleon pics and trying to judge if I have what it takes to be a chameleon owner (still undecided).
– Kendall Beck, Assistant Account Executive

Cute chameleons

12. Love is love is love is love


Lin Manuel Miranda stole my heart a million times over this year. The Tony Awards were the day after the Orlando nightclub murders. His emotions were heightened – everyone’s were. His acceptance speech was a sonnet to his wife, a rap for the people theater rarely serves, and a tribute to those who lost their lives because of who they loved. Love is love is love is love is love is love…  
– Jill Tracy, CEO

Love is love is love is love

We hope that 2017 brings us all many, many more laughs, and we can’t wait for it to start. To 2016, we have just two remaining words: Bye Felicia.

P.S. If you’d like to see the full-length version of our holiday video, watch it here: