Quaran-tunes: The Show is Going On

March 24, 2020

Human behavior is changing! Of all the good and bad from the last few weeks, one thing is clear: our capacity for resilience, adaptability, and creativity is infinite. We’re here to shine a light on that.

A lot of events have been cancelled or put on hold, not least of them the many gigs, concerts, musicals, and plays from millions of talented artists. Except—thanks to technology and gumption—performance goes on. Artists from Neil Diamond to DJ D-Nice haven’t let quarantine stop them from sharing their music with the world, and we could not be more here for it.


Neil Diamond | Washing Hands

This video of Neil Diamond singing his own rendition of “Sweet Caroline” (with updated lyrics for quarantine hygiene) is a big bowl of chicken noodle soup in video form. Did we mention the video opens with a shot of his pup?



Berklee College of Music Students | Love Sweet Love

There is nothing like the passion and talent of students bringing their music to the world. This online collaboration of “What the World Needs Now” by quarantined students brings out all the feels. Here’s hoping they can be together soon. 



Norah Jones | Patience

Norah Jones’ stress-melting voice is like a sunrise you can hear. Watch once or twice per day, or as directed by your musical professional.



DJ D-Nice packs Club Quarantine with 100k

DJ D-Nice serves up the feel-good beats for every DIY workout or (virtual) Friday night hangout. Press play for an instant party in your pantry, rave in your bathroom, or dance in your kitchen—no one’s going to judge you!



Sippin’ T | Streaming From Isolation

Sunshine is a feeling, and Sippin’ T has mastered it. Her R&B house tracks conjure Euphoria vibes (both the emotion, and the TV show starring Zendaya, produced by Drake).



Chris Martin | #TogetherAtHome

This one is a mug of tea on a crisp spring morning, steeping your soul in warm, consoling magic. Take a sip! (No kettle required.)



Lin-Manuel Miranda | Everything’s Alright

Lin-Manuel Miranda serenading his friend Andrew Lloyd Webber with “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar is the true equalizer. It also resulted in a maestro playoff, with Webber replying with his own version of Miranda’s You’ll Be Back. Webber’s lack of vocal chops just makes it all the better as he laughs his way through the track.


As we plow through all of Netflix, we’re extremely grateful for these moments of ad-hoc musical humanity… and the fact that we can now live-stream Broadway shows. Get classy with your content binge.

Got a favorite quarantine concert we’ve missed? Share yours with us on Instagram and Facebook so we can add them to our list, and don’t forget to share this round-up with the music lovers in your life.


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