6 Great Content Valentines To Give Your Audience

February 10, 2017

Content marketing is about showing your audience that you care, and treating customers to amazing, helpful content that will hopefully win their loyalty in return. We couldn’t help but notice that content marketing and Valentine’s Day have a lot in common!

Give your audience the gift of exceptional customer experiences by producing content that meets a variety of their needs. Here are six great content Valentines that you can create for your audience right now.


The Box of Chocolates

Chocolate and candy are popular Valentine’s Day gifts that are sweet, fun, and easy on the wallet. They give the recipient a smile, they taste delicious, and they pack a little sugar buzz to get you through the afternoon. After you’ve finished eating them, the box gets tossed and that’s that.

Not every piece of content has to be an opus that takes your content marketing team weeks to plan, create and deliver. There is a place in your marketing strategy for sweet treats. Quick-win content is light on time and budget, but contributes to building brand awareness and loyalty by giving your audience something they enjoy, even if only for a few seconds.

Quick-Win Content

  • A Boomerang video
  • A GIF
  • A meme
  • An inspiring quote

The Bouquet of Flowers

A dozen roses are a Valentine’s Day cliché for good reason! If you’re sending flowers, choosing your sweetie’s favorites over standard roses is a simple and authentic gesture showing that you pay attention to what they like. A flower’s pretty petals and fragrance are vivid, and fleeting. The same can be said about timely content.

Some content might be highly relevant to your audience, but won’t be on their minds by the end of the week. This timely content is still crucial to your marketing strategy, despite its short shelf life. The urgency of a limited-time offer or a breaking news item that your audience cares about are powerful tools in your larger marketing efforts, even after the content has been retired.

Timely Content

  • News stories
  • Promotions
  • Ad campaigns
  • Downloadable PDFs

The Gift Card

Gift cards can still be thoughtful. They can reflect attention to your Valentine’s tastes and interests, and empower them to choose the perfect thing that they need (or just really, really want). Gift cards to small businesses or sold by charities go one step further and support worthwhile causes. Just be sure to give these in moderation, and try to make them feel personal.

Sharing content produced by other businesses is an important part of your marketing strategy. It shows your audience that you look to others for thought leadership as well as your own team, and respect your community – and theirs.

Curated Content

  • Retweets/shares
  • User-generated content
  • Sourcing non-brand articles for your website

The Framed Photo

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, store shelves overflow with adorable love-themed photo frames. A framed photo of you and your sweetheart sharing a special moment can tug at their heartstrings, and become a keepsake that reminds them of you each time they look at it. Evergreen content works the same way.

Content that will still be helpful (and accurate) for your audience in a month or a year is valuable content indeed. Creating content that your customers can download, bookmark, and use whenever they need it is a great way to become a trusted resource – and to be the brand they think of when it’s time to buy.

Evergreen Content

  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Sample strategies
  • Cheat sheets

The Fancy Bling

If you’ve got the budget, bring out the bling! Necklaces, rings and watches send the message that you care enough about a relationship to break out your big bills. Jewelry dazzles the recipient, and implies a certain level of commitment (or at least personal success).

Content bling isn’t about flashy effects that distract from a hollow message. Show your audience your investment in your relationship by creating high-quality content that shows thought, while utilizing technology to reach and engage them on their favorite platforms.

Investment Content

  • Tutorials
  • Interviews with experts
  • Live Q&As
  • Custom apps

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Perhaps you, or your Valentine – or both! – aren’t into snacks and material possessions. Lots of people prefer to gift their loved ones with experiences to help them try new things, engage in their passions, and make memories. Classes, conferences and trips are ways to share enrichment and education.

Creating content that solves your customers’ problems, teaches them how to do things they’re hungry to learn, and shares important information is a fantastic gift. It’s also an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Creating rich, useful content supports your SEO efforts, helps to retain repeat customers, and establishes your expertise.

Indispensable Content

  • Researched articles
  • eBooks
  • Case studies


We hope that you’re ready to shower your audience in awesome content gifts! Need help with your content marketing? Let’s get a project started.

Be our Valentine?