Our email team went to the prestigious Litmus Email Conference in Boston and they brought back an endless well of email knowledge to better our marketing practices. In case your email team missed the conference, we've implemented their top 5 learnings into this email.
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A special edition featuring our top 5 email marketing tips
Hi Angela,
We sent the B'stro email team to the prestigious Litmus Email Conference in Boston this year. They came back with an inbox full of learnings, and we've implemented the top 5 takeaways in this email so you can benefit too. Let's get started!
Preheader text is that little line of copy that comes after a subject line. You can see it in your inbox before you open up the email—and it often looks like this:
Phone mail inbox preview showing unoptimized preheader text
Snooze factory
Phone mail inbox preview showing optimized preheader text
Oh, how interesting!
We love preheader text because it's a second opportunity to entice your reader to open your gorgeous email. With so many messages competing for attention in your customer's inbox, preheader text can give you the boost you need to stand out.
Learn more about preheader text »
You can see this animation if your email client supports CSS3!
If your readers are using the latest smartphones to view your emails, use that to your advantage by creating interactive elements that they can see. (Not sure which email clients your customers use? Advanced analytics can help.) These extra elements are known as "progressive enhancements", and we predict they'll be popping up everywhere in 2015.
Email Tip
In this email, we've included advanced CSS3 progressive enhancement code that will trigger a fun animation for a growing number of email clients that support that code (such as an iPhone running the Mail app). Not seeing our custom animation? Check out what you're missing »
Do some A-B Testing
A-B Testing is a type of subject line testing that starts with a hypothesis. Here was our hypothesis for this email:
Since the majority of our newsletter subscribers are clients who are familiar with our agency and know our team members personally, a supremely casual subject line will resonate with them more strongly than a drier, more impersonal approach.
First, we create one subject line (A) that is supremely casual, something you might normally receive from a friend.
Subject line with casual copy
Then, we create a second subject line (B) that is more branded. Something a little more authoritative in tone, and definitely less person-to-person.
Subject line that is more branded
A few days ago, we sent an advanced version of this email to 20% of our database. After 24 hours, we used the AB Significance Test to determine which had the highest Unique Open Rate. We then used the winning subject line in the send to the rest of our database (including you!)
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Which subject line would you have been more likely to click?
Design responsively
If you want your marketing email to look as fantastic on a smartphone as it does on desktop, you need to make it a responsive email. But what does that mean, exactly?
A responsive email is an email that is coded to intelligently understand what screen size it is currently being rendered on, and which uses that knowledge to adapt and reformat itself to best fit that screen. Learn more with cats »
Non-Responsive Version
Responsive Version
If you know the majority of your readers are using newer devices, you might consider incorporating retina-optimized imagery into your email. Anecdotal case studies from the Litmus Conference saw conversion rates significantly boosted when retina-optimized versus non-retina emails were tested, particularly on product shots or emotion-inspiring creative.
Consider retina-optimized imagery
There are some downsides to using retina-optimized imagery, like slower loading times. If you have questions on whether it's right for you, contact us anytime!
Hear from Ros
We were thrilled to meet Ros (Community Manager at Campaign Monitor) in person at Litmus this year. In this month's Engaging Conversation, you'll learn her expert predictions for the future of email marketing—and which female creative evangelist inspires her to keep at it every day.
We hope you enjoyed our top 5 tips for email!
One Last Tip!
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