California Academy of Sciences Nightlife Exhibition features B’stro Associate Creative Director

November 15, 2013

B’stro congratulates Brooke Francesi, our Associate Creative Director, for being a contributing artist at the Thursday night “Nightlife” exhibition at the California Academy of Sciences. The Thursday night, 21+ event has become hugely successful, drawing an eclectic crowd to enjoy an energetic and imaginative display of multi-media and interactive experiences amongst the exploratorium, rainforest and aquarium.

The event focused on the concept of “METAMORPHOSIS”. Artists and designers from the California College of the Arts (CCA) transformed the Academy with an array of innovative, interactive pieces that explored (and helped you explore!) the concept of metamorphosis. Participants were invited to transform themselves with funky “wearables”. Brooke and two of her cohorts from the MFA Design Program designed and built a life-sized inflatable elephant which became the centerpiece for other interactive installations in the African Hall. She also designed an educational animal riddles game that required guests to hold riddles under a black light to reveal the answer.

The event was a huge success getting coverage in the Huffington Post, and pulling in a much larger crowd than usual. Below are a few pics that captured some of the fun.