Introducing B’stro Engage!

May 23, 2014

After 10 years of helping brands engage with their customers, we’ve learned a thing or two about making lasting connections. So it is with great excitement that we launch BSTRO Engage, an online forum designed to share ideas, success stories, insights and different viewpoints from our client partners and our diverse team of developers, designers, writers and strategists.

People connect with other people… Not companies

We hope that through Engage, we’ll not only open up a dialogue with peers, partners and professionals but also get to show the diversity of thinking and personality that goes into every project we take on.

Personally, I am humbled and thankful every day I come into work and see the environment we’ve created that fosters such collaboration out of such diversity. Our team comes from 10 different countries, sees the world from entirely different vantage points and has dramatically different skill sets. It is this diversity and collection of unique perspectives that I’m most looking to shining a spotlight on here.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Jill Tracy

Founder & President, BSTRO