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Steve Vezeris

VP - Accounting & Administration

Long before Steve Vezeris became BSTRO’s VP – Accounting & Administration, he was a numbers man. As a kid, he loved baseball and for every game he attended, from Little League to the majors, he kept careful score, like it was his job. He also loved trains, and would amuse himself for hours on end playing with his HO trains – resenting having to be called away for dinner or bedtime. He was such a buff that he knew all the different steam locomotives and diesels, and every kind of railcar – often dragging his dad to the local train station to watch the trains and maybe meet the engineers or conductors.

Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from The Johns Hopkins University, and went on to earn a master’s degree in transportation studies from Northwestern University, doing network and econometric modeling. He was able to combine his love of trains and numbers with an early career in the railroad industry, doing the traffic and revenue projections as well as budget planning and analysis. After unsuccessfully trying to change the system from within for almost 20 years, he left the corporate world before it could change him. He jumped into the world of small business, working with entrepreneurs and small business owners crazy and brave enough to spring off on their own and to live their dream. He hasn’t looked back since.

Part of a proud contingent of Beasts from the Garden State, Jill and Steve met through a mutual friend. Jill convinced him to join the team of creative artists she’d assembled at BSTRO, and the rest, as they say, is history. Their shared passion for teamwork, fun and treating people respectfully led him away from the corporate world and straight into BSTRO’s arms. Yet again, Steve’s belief and strength in numbers has brought him home.

In those times when he’s not the Man Behind the Curtain, pulling all of the levers to keep the BSTRO machine working, Steve spends his time following the SF Giants (though no longer keeping score), growing fruits and herbs in his San Francisco back yard, reading, writing, and practicing qigong.

Best Advice:

From my Grandmother: “Always drink beer out of the bottle – it’ll taste better and it won’t go flat before you finish it.  Besides, you can never trust the bartender to give you a clean glass.”

Job you wanted as a child:

Train conductor.

Favorite guilty pleasure:

An afternoon nap in the sunshine.