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Sharon Park

Executive Media Strategist

Sharon Park is a seasoned industry leader, having spent over 12 years in advertising at Google and PubMatic. Sharon has led digital strategies for customers like Zillow, Berkshire Hathaway, Nordstrom, Samsung, and Adidas. 

In 2008, she structured the “Obama for America” media buying strategy which resulted in a 22:1 return on ad spend. Together, the Obama marketing team leveraged social, search, and display to help turn Obama into a household name (and President), earning Ad Age's "Marketer of the Year," award beating out both Apple and Zappos.

In April of 2011, Sharon was the principal architect behind the global remarketing strategy for General Motors and successfully deployed 700 campaigns to capture over 1 million in-market car shoppers. Her GM program was the largest remarketing campaign in history at the time of launch. In addition to her online work, Sharon is a major supporter of, a water and agriculture organization that funds education in Kenya.

When she’s not developing media strategies for BSTRO clients, she can be found looking for inspiration under big blue waves.