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Shane Walders


Shane is a web developer who is excited about the potential of interactive applications and clean, accessible code.

Growing up off Canada's Pacific Coast on Vancouver Island, Shane was immersed in the thriving arts scene and PNW coastal lifestyle from an early age. Don't let his relaxed, Patagonia-poster-boy charm mislead you; Shane has lived many lives before building websites and digital tools at BSTRO. Dusting off Homo Erectus fossils on excavation trips in The Republic of Georgia and helping folks with mental and addictions health problems are just a few of the waves he rode before finding his true passion. As the moon does to the tide, software development drew him in. His fascination with developing code for artistic applications rapidly grew into a gnawing curiosity for all of the coding unknowns: how does this work; how can it work better; and where can I learn more?

After formally studying software development (and finding the answers to those questions), Shane honed his craft as a web developer before joining the BSTRO team. The combination of these many backgrounds informs the lens through which Shane accesses and interacts with the web, where the prioritization of accessibility, functionality, and beautiful code is a must. When Shane isn't working hard to develop projects with BSTRO, he's cycling around the city, thrift shopping, browsing Petfinder, and always on the lookout for an adventure.

 Best place to take visitors in Vancouver

The Bloedel Conservatory, at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park! I love visiting the tropical environment with flocks of free flying birds.

Current obsession

Screen Printing! Physically working with light sensitive emulsions and acrylics, while messy, has been both meditative and relaxing.

Job you wanted as a child

When I was a child, all I wanted to be was a farmer. I would dream of owning a farm where I’d collect eggs, milk cows, and harvest crops.