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Shaia Bak


If you had but one word to describe Shaia, it would be “creative.” As a graduate of BCIT, Shaia has channeled his creative energy into everything he touches. As a web developer and designer in our Vancouver office, he brings his infectious passion and energy to every project.

Shaia’s love for creation comes from a desire to make something anyone can see, hear, touch, or interact with. He believes that design and development go hand in hand and he thrives on making them meet. He is as devoted to function as he is beauty.

Shaia’s creativity doesn’t end with developing or coding; he also composes and plays music and writes, directs and acts in his own short films.


Job you wanted as a child

I wanted to be an adventurer that would save the world from evil. I used to train myself in preparation. Or a filmmaker where I could recreate those adventures.

Best advice

Don’t be afraid of what the world has. Make the world afraid of what you have.

Current obsession