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Ryan McGuire

Marketing Analyst

Ryan is BSTRO’s Marketing Analyst and follows his bliss across all things digital marketing. Content strategy – from copywriting, to optimization, and media buying – lets him draw inspiration from both creative and analytics on a daily basis. He is obsessed with digging through data and uncovering insights, and using numbers and graphs to turn stories and sentences into traffic, authority gradually, and ultimately sales for clients.

Ryan believes firmly that marketing is less about ‘influencing people’ and more about empathy: that every successful brand understands their customers and speaks to them, rather than at them.

A transplant from the land that spawned such dark and tragic tales as Romeo & Juliet, Frankenstein, and Brexit, Ryan ditched the dreary rain-slick cobbles of London, England in search of sunnier, less damp climes. Instead, he found Vancouver, but the sushi, the seawall, and the view of the mountains convinced him to stay. His dream of being the world’s most successful novelist hasn’t quite worked out (yet) but he’s always got something in the oven.

When he’s not obsessing over getting clients the best content possible, he’s obsessing over everything else. His current time sinks are; watching the competitive gaming scene; trying to find the best poetry anthologies; seeking and destroying the best tacos in Vancouver (spoiler alert; they’re at Chancho’s); listening to podcasts about Dungeons & Dragons, and exploring the adorable craft breweries of the west coast.

Best place to take visitors in Vancouver:

Yamato Sushi on Davie was my first ‘taste’ of Vancouver and is largely responsible for me moving here. Highly recommended.

Job you wanted as a child

I wanted to be a helicopter, then a pilot when I realized the first one was unlikely.

Current obsession

Sunsets on English Beach, Eggs Benny, and the perfect CTA.