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Ryan Cordingley


Ryan is a web-dev wizard. His ability to examine, diagnose, and treat any issue a website might be facing is a result of his attitude towards learning: never stop. Getting his programming education from Lighthouse Labs gave him the base tools and expertise needed to start refining his top-drawer coding skills.

Perhaps his background as a Human Kinetics student at the University of British Columbia helped him get his head around the subject of programming: Ryan’s degree provides him with an intimate knowledge of how things are constructed, whether leg or landing page.

Can’t find him at his computer forging code or building functional web widgets? Ryan is as hungry for knowledge as he is for… well, food. He’s probably at one of his favorite Vancouver restaurants, destroying a steaming bowl of spicy tonkotsu ramen, or a heaped plate of lobster gnocchi. If going out for the best the city has to offer is off the table, Ryan is likely cooking up something in his own kitchen to feed his love for new experiences, culinary or otherwise.

Current obsession

90’s Hip Hop

Guilty pleasure

Bubble Tea with extra pearls and extra sugar

Job you wanted as a child

I always wanted to be an NBA Player, but as it turns out you actually have to practice and not just watch games on TV all the time.