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Ron Woloshun

Creative Director

Throughout his career, Ron has made a specialty of crossing borders and breaking down boundaries — between ideation and execution, medium and message, sales and marketing, us and them. He’s as likely to be dreaming up and naming new products as designing identity systems or creating advertising campaigns. A creative leader with the mind of a strategist and the eye of a designer, he’s equally at home kerning headlines and turning out campaign briefs.

Ron cut his teeth as a typographer and print designer, and still harbors a special affection for print; but he’s equally passionate about building brands with a compelling online presence — especially now that we have the tools to design beautiful typography for the web. He believes Comic Sans is a font crime, and pronounces GIF with a hard G.

A proud denizen of wine country, Ron has a substantial background in the technology and food and wine categories. He launched the Roku brand back when HDTV was only for tech geeks and the earliest of early adopters; created Signaterra, a sustainable ultra-premium wine brand, for Benziger; and, most recently, led a comprehensive brand refresh of Aveo Vision subscription contact lenses to introduce Aveo into the US market. In addition to his BSTRO accounts — among them Healthy Essentials, Neutrogena, Illumio, Royole, Band-Aid, Aveeno, and Care With Pride — Ron has worked with a wide range of national and global brands such as Accenture, Microsoft, NEC, Roku, Parducci Cellars, Pennington Lawn and Garden, and ABC Television.

Ron is an alum of Boston University and the Academy of Art University.


Job you wanted as a child:

Either a Jedi knight, or a backup singer for Blondie. Actually I wanted to be Debbie Harry, but apparently that job was already taken.

Friends describe you as:

Caucasian male, 6’4″, 190 lbs — last seen wearing wooden glasses, a checked shirt, and brightly colored Argyle socks. Approach with coffee.

Best Place to take visitors in the Bay Area:

Over the Golden Gate to my neck of the woods, Sonoma County and West Marin. Where else can you hike in the redwoods, bike through the vineyards, and stroll on the beach; taste some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world; and watch the sunset while enjoying local artisanal cheeses and oysters fresh from Tomales Bay, all in the same day?