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Pierre Dessertenne

Operations Program Manager

As BSTRO's Operations Program Manager, Pierre brings a meticulous, methodical approach to every project he faces. An invaluable addition to the team, our French ambassador continually strives to champion and support everyone’s ideas and adds an analytical perspective to every team discussion and meeting.

Originally from Paris, Pierre moved to the States when he was 11 and has been living in the Bay Area ever since. When asked if he’d ever move back, he said he has considered it a bunch of times but enjoys his new home and we like to think that he’s brought a little bit of France to us instead. As for his likes and dislikes, Pierre is quick to answer: he has a strong dislike of buzzwords, loves space and sci-fi, and usually is the one who takes the lead when faced with indecision because he hates wasting time.

Job you wanted as a child:

Commander of a Spaceship (frigate size or above) or a fleet of Spaceships. Not too picky but must come with a space moped for casual spacing.

Favorite Essential Reading:

Candide, ou l’Optimisme. Great book debunking that “everything happens for a reason”. Things just happen, you can throw meaning at them, won’t change a thing.

Current Obsession:

Robots and Elon Musk. Potentially same obsession, needs to be debunked or validated.