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Pam Berg

Content Marketing Specialist

Pam became a published author in the second grade. The moment the final page rolled free from the classroom typewriter... she knew that her destiny lay in the written word.

Pam studied journalism at Kwantlen Polytechnic, graduating with honours. She then paused in her writing career and considered other pursuits, which included working in a public library, earning a degree in network administration, labouring in I.T., studying computer forensics, and sneaking about as a private investigator.

Pam finally found her happy place in the digital marketing world. Her years of customer service, gift for grammar, love of data, and pop culture fixation fused together into one awesome marketing superpower. She’s a seasoned content writer and copywriter (there IS a difference), a Hootsuite-certified social media marketer, and a self-appointed hashtag scientist. Pam is Advanced Google Analytics certified, and happily spends hours nerding out over marketing data to create insightful content strategies. She recently added Hubspot’s Growth-Driven Design certification to her credentials.

When she’s not gazing starry-eyed at analytics reports, Pam announces roller derby, rides horses, and works on her top secret best-seller manuscript. But let’s be honest — 95% of the time she’s really watching Netflix.

Job you wanted as a child:

I still can’t decide between competitive birling or being a mermaid. #lifegoals

Favorite guilty pleasure:

Toaster Strudel and Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Essential Reading

The Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales is where I learned my most valuable life lessons.