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Noah Warwick

Finance & Operations Manager

Noah comes to BSTRO sporting both a British accent and years of experience using it to deal with all sorts of operational situations.

Back in rainy England, Noah studied history and dreamed of one day running a museum, spending more time with cavemen than calculators. After spending a while helping to run some small museums, he made a bold leap into the world of finance.

Noah then worked for three years at a large private school in London, taking on everything from buying javelins and building sports halls to running around after lost kids. He learned to thrive in an environment where every day is different, and running around with 100 things to do became a normal day.

After spending some time gazing longingly at photos of mountains, Noah packed up and left for Canada, in search of snow, sunshine and Tim Hortons. At BSTRO, Noah is the go-to guy for everything from finance to what’s in the fridge. The team is a melting pot for all kinds of personalities, backgrounds, and skills, and Noah adds a little British charm to the mix.

When he’s not solving operational problems, you can find him putting his history degree to use at a pub quiz... or struggling his way up a mountain on a hike.

Job you wanted as a child:

I still believe one day I’ll be a movie director. Maybe.

Best place to take visitors in Vancouver:

Kits Beach for some volleyball then to the Regal Beagle (best bar in Vancouver).

Favorite essential reading:

Any P.G Wodehouse or Sherlock Holmes.