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Nik Wylie

Content Marketing Strategist

Nik is BSTRO’s weaver of words and creator of content. He’s a Content Marketing Strategist with an affinity for digital design.

After completing a Bachelor of Communications in Queensland, Australia, he moved to Europe. A quick stint in Berlin, working in fashion merchandising and dancing to techno, was followed by his foray into copywriting and content marketing for tech startups in London; ranging from enterprise app developers to email marketing tools. He later moved to New York City where he worked in fashion marketing and studied Visual Design. He now calls Vancouver home.

After a colorful start to his career, woven with marketing, fashion and design, Nik has found his niche in content and creative strategy. He works closely with CEOs, CMOs, and marketing teams to create brand stories that resonate with audiences on social, websites, and email. By diving headfirst into data and analytics, and applying emotion with well-crafted words, compelling video, photography and design, Nik is able to produce work that drives results.

Nik loves to travel, always aiming to experience something new and push his limits. He’s a sucker for a stiff cocktail, baking in the sun and sexy architecture. In his spare time he’s teaching himself Español, planning his next sunny getaway or trying new restaurants in Vancity.

Job you wanted as a child

I wanted to be an international DJ or rockstar. I still kind of wish I was an international DJ or rockstar tbh.

Friends describe you as

Smart, stylish, honest to a fault.

Best place to take visitors in Vancouver

Everyone should experience the absolute bliss of Wreck Beach at least once in their life.