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Lydia Klemensowicz

Copywriter & Project Coordinator

Lydia is a passionate storyteller and writer who believes in the power of connection. She’s convinced that the ability for people to see themselves reflected in a story is akin to the perfect summer day surrounded by the people you love. It’s a feeling of belonging that she’s passionate about cultivating, whether on the page or in person.

Lydia is passionate about bringing brand personality to the page, writing for people first and search engines second. She finds inspiration in everything around her and has a nearly insatiable curiosity. Lydia’s inquisitive nature has parlayed into being an expert content writer on any given subject.

Lydia has always been enchanted by people. After studying Human Rights at Carleton University and a brief stint working in politics, she got her feet wet with advocating for others through the power of words.

It’s no surprise that her curiosity eventually motivated her to travel the world. It was then that she first started to pick up freelance travel writing and worked with Skyscanner to grow their market in Canada. This eventually led to new clients, becoming a nerd for SEO, and bringing more stories to light through meaningful journalism. Having worked freelance for almost 3 years, she has the drive and tenacity it takes to succeed.

Outside of writing captivating copy for BSTRO, Lydia can be found laughing with loved ones, coffee-shop crawling, cooking to some fun beats, painting, or podcasting. Also traveling and going to concerts (in non-pandemic times). One thing’s for sure though—she doesn’t wait for the weekend to live her life to the fullest.

Favorite essential reading

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Job you wanted as a child

Artist or Hairdresser

Best advice

Speed up by slowing down.