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Kellen McGerrigle

Digital Production Manager

Kellen is a BSTRO unicorn, bringing teams and projects together with meticulous operational excellence and heightened emotional intelligence. Kellen’s interest in design and technology, and her desire to be surrounded by people passionate about bringing change through creative communication, brought her from Saskatchewan to Vancouver where she found her community. Kellen started her marketing career in the local music and arts community producing events, fundraising, and elevating the work of artists to give them exposure to broader audiences.

Operations, sales, and client services have always come naturally to Kellen. Her dedication to organization and her passion for creativity make project management seem almost effortless and immensely enjoyable.  

Kellen is ever-curious; constantly seeking to understand the latest digital trend and how the industry is advancing. She’s a regular at local meetups and marketing workshops, and was proud to be a part of the Digital Project Manager Apprenticeship course through Louder Than Ten.

Outside of the office and away from the computer, you can find Kellen watching or attending a baseball game (or any other sport in the winter), checking out a local show or sight, or spending quality couch time with her two cats and a good book.

Best place to take visitors in Vancouver:

A gallery and brewery tour around East Vancouver.

Current obsession:

Baseball (current and always).

Job you wanted as a child:

Sports broadcaster or fiction writer.