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Katie Rottner

Senior Copywriter

Over the past ten years, Katie Rottner has written advertising and marketing copy for some of the world’s biggest brands. From B2B tech start-ups to health & wellness packaged goods, she’s an accomplished copywriting shape-shifter known to expertly pinpoint just the right tone for clients across categories. As an added bonus, she’s also a working mother of twin toddlers — granting her plenty of real-life experience to draw from when targeting one of the marketing world’s currently most sought-after consumers: the Millennial Mom.

When she’s not planning Pinterest posts or strategizing subject lines for our clients, you can probably find Katie creating artist books under the imprint Super Classy Publishing, or writing and performing her original songs.

Job you wanted as a child:

I had a vision of dictatorship.

Favorite Essential Reading:

Alan Watts, Simone Weil, Seneca.

Tool you couldn’t live without:

Is coffee a tool? Coffee.