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Josh Grafstein

Short-Form Content Producer

When you ask Josh what he wants to do, he comfortably replies: All I wanted to do is create. And creative might as well be his middle name. His middle name is actually Peter, giving him the initials JPG. Entirely fitting for a photographer; just don't call him JPEG. That wouldn't be funny or creative. And as we said, creativity is core to Josh's entire being.

And he comes upon it naturally. Josh's mom is a photographer/writer/sculptor who often worked in the photo studio she created in their basement. He grew up in front of her lens, absorbing the nuance of her craft. When he was 12, she gifted him one of her cameras, and he's been taking photos ever since.

After high school, Josh moved from Chicago to Vancouver, earning a BFA in Photography from the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

His career quickly skyrocketed after, especially when he combined his skills in photography with his passion for music. Thanks to dual citizenship, Josh lived and worked freely between Canada and America for six years as a Contributing Concert Photographer for various local and national music publications. He excelled in the industry, working for concert promoters and sponsorship teams at various music festivals. Josh quickly picked up on all things social media, primarily when he had to create, edit, and publish content on TikTok and Instagram Reels on-site.

Josh loves capturing emotion and making short-form storytelling a sensory experience. Whether he's envisioning a cut or capturing behind-the-scenes footage, he thinks through the user experience, making sure the lighting, sound, type, and transitions work together to bring the viewer along on the journey. The pleasure he takes in finding creative solutions, along with the technical mastery of his craft, makes Josh an excellent collaborator and producer.

When he's not performing visual magic at BSTRO, Josh feeds his creativity by going to concerts, exploring art galleries, trying new restaurants, drinking espresso at new coffee shops, and treasure hunting for vinyl and antique cameras.

Current obsessions

Generative Art, High-Visibility & Iridescent fashion, and 3D Photography

Tool you couldn’t live without

My iPhone has become my all in one video production tool. Great Photos, 4K Video, and Editing all in my pocket. What a time to be alive!

Job you wanted as a kid