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Jake Johnson

Data Solutions Specialist

Jake believes that any decision can be data-driven. After starting out as a research assistant in a visual cognition lab, Jake saw the opportunity to apply scientific methods when collecting and interpreting the vast amounts of data available to businesses. He approaches his endless quest for clarity with a keen eye for detail and high standards of certainty.

When Jake isn’t figuring out the perfect way to track form fills, you can find him walking his dog (a two-year-old rescue named Luna), running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for his friends, and trying to find people still willing to play the Game of Thrones board game with him.

Jake’s passion for multidisciplinary work stems from his time at University of British Columbia, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Systems, a program that combined Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics and Computer Science.

Job you wanted as a child

Astronaut. I still haven’t fully given up hope.

Current obsession

Dungeons and Dragons. Many thanks to whoever made being nerdy cool somehow.

Best place to take visitors in Vancouver

Any hike on the North Shore. Absolutely beautiful trails!