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Greg Coffey

Account Executive

Greg is a man of many talents. He’s organized and creative, precise and abstract. He can develop emotionally-driven brand stories and efficient work systems. On any given day, you’ll find him brainstorming campaign ideas, overseeing budgets, applying social media insights, and managing creative production. It’s a valuable combination of skills, and Greg uses them all to our clients’ advantage.

With an undergraduate degree in law, Greg joined BSTRO from graduate business school in Ireland’s top university, Trinity College Dublin. He completed a Master’s degree in Business and Management, where he researched his thesis on entrepreneurial relationships within the emerging equity-based crowdfunding sector.

Ultimately, persuasion is the common thread in Greg’s diverse career path. He was a national high school debater and became passionate about spreading contagious ideas. After college in his native Dublin, Greg spent a year working for Whole Foods in Soho, London’s media and entertainment district. He managed store accounts for high-profile customers and had a bird’s eye view on a growing international brand. While in college, Greg also undertook several law and consulting internships with Ireland’s Department of Justice and firms in both Ireland and the U.S. (Did we mention his career path has been rather varied?)

Greg’s also our go-to source for international affairs, European pop culture, and delicious baking. A word of advice: If Greg offers you a piece of pie; by all means, take it.  

Job you wanted as a child:

Hat designer, specifically Philip Treacy.

Best place to take visitors in San Francisco:

Russian Hill.

Friends describe you as:

Gregarious. Seriously I asked and that’s the response I got.