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Falguni Sharma

Marketing Data Analyst

Falguni doesn’t think about the ‘what’; she thinks (rather is obsessed) about the ‘why’. As BSTRO’s Marketing Data Analyst, Falguni is happiest when she is digging up numbers for clients and presenting them into a cohesive story to help understand why certain strategies are working over others.

Before BSTRO, Falguni graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi. After working as an Account Manager for a digital marketing agency, Falguni had a deeper itch to scratch with the marketing world. This eventually led her to a Post-Grad in Marketing from Langara College in Vancouver where she gained hands-on experience in marketing research and strategy, integrated marketing communication, business statistics, and consumer psychology.

By and far, Falguni’s strength lies in her ability to self-start and learn quickly. She works best when both sides of her brain are activated and she can join creative and logical forces together to produce something special.

Originally from New Delhi, India, Falguni is building her career and home in Vancouver.

When she’s not analyzing data, Falguni enjoys sketching, cooking, binge-watching thriller flicks, and a LOT of dancing. She's never one to shy away from a new challenge or the chance to appreciate nature's playground. After she moved to BC, she started taking swimming lessons in the open water of Vancouver's beautiful lakes. Learning to swim as an adult isn't easy, but Falguni's strategy is to understand the basics and then dive in and figure it out. It's not surprising that Falguni's favourite question is: "if not now, then when?"

We love a little carpe diem.

Job you wanted as a child

Tree house builder and panda nanny (the second one is still in the picture)

Best advice

It’s easier to hold your principles 100 percent of the time than it is to hold them 98 percent of the time.

Friends describe you as

Kooky, Caring, Honest