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Eva Tolosa

Marketing Project Manager

With 7+ years of experience managing complex international events in Switzerland, Germany and Canada, Eva brings her detail-oriented eye and her cultural approach to the table. Her strong understanding of a project’s lifetime and her ability to work under tight deadlines in fast-paced environments make her a valuable asset on BSTRO’s account team.

Never one to be complacent, when she's not masterminding a project behind a screen, Eva is often hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, swing dancing, and trying to improve her photography skills.

Eva holds a Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Management and International Affairs and fluently speaks 4 languages (French - English - Spanish - German).

Overachiever badge unlocked.

Job you wanted as a child:

Archeologist then Actress… Anything starting with an A really

Current Obsession:

Finding the next best hiking/camping spot for an adventurous weekend

Guilty pleasure: