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Eleanor Tremeer

Content Strategist

Eleanor has worn many hats over the years. She has worked professionally (or otherwise) as a writer, editor, TEFL teacher, poet, content manager, game creator, and general nerd.

To get more specific, media has been the driving force in Eleanor’s life. After moving to Berlin in 2015, Eleanor worked as a senior writer and editor for Movie Pilot, transforming her love of entertainment media into a well-oiled generator of SEO and social traffic. If you ever need to know how to get Star Wars fans to click on a link, Eleanor’s your guy.

With several years at Movie Pilot under her belt, Eleanor took her myriad skills to the freelance sphere. She has worked for companies like Babbel, Watkins Books, Empire Magazine, io9, and many more, running social media marketing campaigns, writing and managing content, and even co-hosting radio segments. Now making her home in Vancouver, Eleanor is excited to discover the avenues this city holds.

Eleanor loves her many hats. They look great in her imaginary wardrobe of tenuous extended metaphors. But of all these careers (let’s drop the hats) there is one thing Eleanor loves best: to tackle a project head-on, design a grand strategy, divine exactly what can and should be better — and make that happen.

So… content strategy, then? Turns out she’s been doing that all along.

(Just don’t ask her about her D&D games, you’ll be here all night.)

Current obsession

The X Files (in particular Scully’s hair / outfits / everything)

Guilty pleasure

I love creating tabletop RPGs, whether that means building a campaign for an existing system, or designing a new game from scratch.

Job you wanted as a child

I wanted to be an astronaut until I realized how much math that would involve.