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Damian Jolley

Associate Creative Director

Damian’s parents decided to spell “Damien” with two A’s so he’d have fewer letters to learn to spell his name — and ever since then he’s been exceeding expectations. Maybe it was fate, because Damian became obsessed with typography.

He completed a Bachelor of Design (Visual Culture and Communication Design) in 2006 in his hometown of Brisbane Australia – Griffith University, Queensland College of Art. Since then he has worked for several agencies in print and design.

In 2009 Damian took a leap of faith and moved to Vancouver, Canada, for a new adventure. It was here he discovered a love of web design and launched into the digital world. Web design is where Damian combined his love for systems and processes and his obsessions with design and typography. Damian’s social media savvy, intuition for industry trends and user behavior has helped him become a thought leader on creative projects. Clients appreciate his instincts for translating business objectives and company culture into stunning designs. 

Damian blogs, bikes, drinks coffee and goes to concerts. 

Tool you couldn’t live without:

Pocket, Buffer, Evernote

Job you wanted as a child:

A celebrity or millionaire

Current obsession:

Llamawithnodrama on Instagram