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Courtney Fantinato

Email Campaign Manager

Courtney was just 12 years old when she taught herself HTML. As a young animal lover, she joined a web community where users create and care for virtual pets – and learn to code in the process. Little did she know that her high-tech hobby would eventually become a thriving career.

Whether it was that precocious start in web development or a lucky-for-us personality trait, Courtney is known for her precision and attention to detail. Courtney’s meticulous coding ensures flawless results for all our clients. She digs enthusiastically into new challenges and makes the Vancouver office a more pleasant place to work.

Raised in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, Courtney has a diploma in Internet Production and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media Studies, with a focus on website development. WordPress sites are her specialty, but she’s also fluent in HTML email coding, Drupal website styling and even HTML5 games.

Ensuring creative content works properly across multiple browsers and email clients is another of Courtney’s many technical skills. She compares coding these projects to solving a puzzle, and applies that same strategic thinking to all her work at BSTRO.

Courtney also has a serious thirst for adventure. She’s a horseback rider, bungee jumper and semi-competitive shopper, who can often be found trolling the racks with her friends. But don’t think this hard-working developer is a princess; her first job was cleaning up horse poop at the local paddock. Now that’s commitment.

Current Obsession:

Meet in Gastown. Close to the office and their food is delicious!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

I can’t miss a single episode of The Young & the Restless.

Tool you couldn't live without:

My iPhone. I use it for everything and it is a sad day when the battery runs out at the grocery store.