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Carli Van Stolk

Content Strategist

Carli is a master at understanding how brands should communicate. As a Content Strategist, she gets to put her extensive experience and her education to work as she flexes her many marketing muscles.

Carli’s expertise in social media continues to grow organically into all areas of content marketing. Over the past four years, she has successfully grown and repositioned social channels for multiple brands, predominantly in the healthy food industry. She is equally comfortable strategizing and managing a company’s social channels as she is with writing a blog, improving e-commerce sales, or optimizing email newsletters. If you need strong content, Carli is your go-to.

In the moments she makes between crushing it for clients and adding qualifications to her arsenal, Carli feels most at home in nature. Hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, or feebly attempting ocean sports are just regular weekend activities for Carli. When she’s not hiking the Juan de Fuca trail, improving her mountain biking skills, or outfitting herself for backcountry skiing, you’ll likely find her baking....or pestering loved ones to play a board game with her.

Current obsession

Baking cakes from scratch and my newly adopted dog, Camino.

Guilty pleasure

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Cream Bars. My mom bought me a Costco-sized pack for my 12th birthday and I haven’t received a better gift since.

Job you wanted as a child

Nurse. Until I realized that I’d be a horrible nurse.