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Avi Prasad

Director of Accounts & Marketing

If you want someone that will help push you to grow, think with a different perspective, and be creative while all having fun, Avi is your human.

With a deep passion for digital strategy, leadership, people, and challenging the status quo, Avi helps provide strategic marketing and account leadership to BSTRO. Working in bleeding-edge gaming, music, and entertainment industries, Avi leverages data to make effective decisions that solve real-world problems while continually adding value. Avi quickly learned the ropes of effective decision-making throughout his military deployment in New Zealand. As a leader amongst the top branches, he led people in challenging environments and developed plans and operations that led to mission success. Understanding how to unify people and implement processes is a skill he still uses daily in the safer world of marketing leadership.

Avi will likely be mountaineering, skydiving, hiking, camping, cooking, climbing, and racing when he isn't leading a meeting or pushing for innovative campaigns. He's a "keen bean" for whatever raises the heart rate. Although you might not understand all of his Kiwi New Zealand lingo, he dreams of one universal language—food. Avi loves traveling the world to find the best, specifically carrot cakes. Sharing your favorite culture, food, and people-watching spots is a great way to get his attention.

Current Obsession

Music – curating the best playlists for the all the occasions

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Simon Sinek