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Anastasia Chetvertukhina

Senior UX Designer

Whatever your digital woes might be, we’re sure Anastasia can solve them with her mad skills in design, programming, and problem solving. She’s built interfaces, crafted designs, and even done social media for companies of all sizes. Before joining BSTRO, she helped brands in Russia, Canada, the United States, and Australia achieve their strategic goals.

Anastasia comes from a creative family in her hometown of Volgograd, Russia. With so many close relatives relating to art in different ways — music and craft teachers, engineers, and dreamers — she learned that organization, imagination, and problem solving skills make for a happier life.

But Tasia was hungry for even more knowledge, and found it in a deeper level of programming while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Physics. It was then that she became obsessed with the digital world. Trying different paths, from small Assembler exercises to front-end development and 3D, Tasia realized that creating digital experiences is what brings her the most joy.

Since graduating from university, Tasia has been building her path as a designer of digital interfaces, doing whatever it takes to deliver the best product: whether it’s trying a new tool, or learning a whole new area of skill. Her ideal work day consists of well-done planning, lots of research and sweating pixels, discussing ideas with co-workers, jokes, and coffee.

Tasia approaches life with realistic views, humor, plans, and dreams about the future.

Tool you couldn’t live without:

Wacom tablet.

Favorite Essential Reading

Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles (or basically any of his books).

Best Advice

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today — and make a list for it.